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Whether you are looking for hair salon in Sai Gon, give yourself a quick trim or hair treatment, why don’t you check out Yu Gook hair salon? One of the most professional salon can be found in Sai Gon.

Yu Gook has finished his Master Degree at Seo Kyeong university specialized in hair industry. By then, he returned to Sai Gon (aka Ho Chi Minh city) and started his own business here. The hair salon is named after their owner name. Yu Gook himself has many inspiration stories during 10 years studying and working in Korea. Especially, Yu Gook was “the very first Vietnamese expat hairstylist” working at Korean famous salons at that time.

Watching Yu Gook and his team work, we can easily feel the professional, the heart for the work that they all put together. His team always being friendly but also respect their clients at the same time. Trust me it’s not easy to find a hairstylist that willing to listen to their clients. That’s what you may love about Yu Gook and his stylist team.

He once shared when being asked why hair industry?

“I received scholarship back then from the university. Among all these fields, I chose hair beauty.”

How did you overcome the difficulties when working, studying and living alone in Korea?

“Packed schedule didn’t allow me to give up. Too much of difficulties like I am on a rocky road. It will be all wasted if I give up at that time.”

What is your biggest source of strength?

“My sister gave me lots of encouragement. She always looks after me even we are living apart.”

Besides running his own hair salon, Yu Gook also received numbers of invitation for teaching classes since he relocated back to Viet Nam. Many salons may say they are specialized in Korean technique, but Yu Gook salon is aimed for Korean standard. With Yu Gook, you might find yourself cooler or prettier than ever after visiting the salon.

Happy visiting!

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