your wedding day.

bởi Summer84

Our dear Caryn! I have never imagined that I wrote this letter for any of my friends as a gift for their wedding day. I am not that romantic okay?

It’s just came to my mind that I wanted to share you some thoughts. That’s how the conversation started.

Still remember we met on a cool night in 2017 (or 2018???) at M.’s birthday party? However, I suddenly recalled that we met even earlier than that night. We met at a pub with Av. (that night she wore dark green jacket), you and many other friends which I probably didn’t know. I still remember shaking hand with a pretty girl introduced herself as Caryn.

We officially met up at another pub Arena and started to talk to each other. Hey! We both didn’t even remember about 2 previous gathering. Consider that was the first time, we immediately clicked to each other.

How can a pretty and cool girl like this can be over friendly until I feel so lucky to get to know her? She has many deep thoughts about life, about herself which surprised me.

Then we started hanging out together many times after that. Until we bored of each other and starting to talk craps, no need to be polite anymore… but seriously sometimes I am too hyper and didn’t behave, thanks for forgiving those times. Thanks for your kindness and loveliness too.

We all have been through a lot. Myself too. However, I didn’t really want to stick to negative thoughts so I didn’t share to anyone. It’s really good to have you as my bestie, to share fun stories, memories and all moments that we have been through.

It’s never been easy for us to find best friend but I am truly appreciated that I have known you.

Here the day came, the day you become extremely beautiful bride in the groom’s eyes and us. The day you chose to be happier than ever, to share your goals, your plans, your future with your groom. My dear, be happy every single day – that’s my wish for you.

The moment your dad and mom walked you in, I felt so touched but tried to hold my tears back. I don’t want to be that girly okay?

The moment I listen to your vow, I didn’t cry either.

The moment your friend read the letter for you. I couldn’t hold my tears anymore. I cried. You deserved it. I was extremely happy that you invited me and I was able to join even thought hectic schedule.

By the time I reached the hall, I realized what did you mean by real close friends – just best friends. I love the way you treated me as your best friends, the love you put into decoration, arrangement and the talk we had on the next morning right before I left to the airport.

Thanks for that.

I will never forget the night and time we spent. Be yourself and be happy okay? Don’t overthinking. We will meet again very soon as I told you.

We sure meet again one day. ^^ Love you and Congratulation!

(* ̄3 ̄)╭

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